Trendy tees for mamas and kids!

This shop all came about after having my son Landon. I grew to absolutely hate buying him clothes at big box stores. I felt that the designs were just so generic and, for lack of a better word, "cheesy." I also didn't like that he would sometimes end up wearing the exact same outfit as some of my friend's children.
So, I began shopping small! I loved being able to find fun and trendy clothes clothes for him that I knew no one else would have. After buying countless items for him, all usually priced over $20, I started realizing that it wasn't very budget friendly. Especially when you are buying for a growing baby who wears a certain size for only a couple months.
I began thinking, "Could I make these myself?!" And after doing a lot of research, I decided to give it a go. I combined my degree in Fashion Design and Merchandising, with my passion of finding trendy, yet affordable clothes for my child (which is now children!). And that is how Posh Little Peanut (Now Mama+Joey) was born.
All of our designs are one of a kind and drawn by me! And each design can be placed on any style of garment in the shop. You even get to pick the color of the font! They are all made to order using heat transfer vinyl.
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